CfPs: Panel ‘Refugee Mobility and Integration’, BSPS 2017

As part of the BSPS 2017 Annual Conference to take place in Liverpool between September 6 to 8, I am organising a session on refugee migration and integration. The Call for Papers is now open!


Refugee mobility & integration

The ongoing refugee crisis, coupled with changing socioeconomic and political dynamics in the West (e.g. Brexit, tightening immigration policies, and rising xenophobic sentiments), presents fresh challenges to the mobility and integration of refugee migrants. This session will focus on the demographic patterns and dynamics of the refugee population, with a particular emphasis on refugees’ socio-cultural and economic integration in terms of access to education, employment, housing, health and welfare resources

Session organiser: Yang Hu (University of Lancaster)

Follow this LINK to view the BSPS conference website.