Yang is interested in teaching and supervising at an undergraduate and a graduate level in the following areas:

  • Family and Gender
  • Ethnicity and Migration
  • Contemporary East Asian Societies
  • Social Research Methods (Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed-Methods)

Lancaster University (2016–)

  • SOCL. 248 (UG Module): Global Families and Intimacy
  • GWS. 101 (UG): Block on Gender and Sexuality in East Asia, Gender in a Transnational Context
  • SOCL. 101 (UG): Globalisation and Social Change (Global Imaginaries, Global Mobilities, and Global Inequalities)
  • SWK. 277/433 (UG & PG): Block on Focus Group and Qualitative Interview
  • Current PhD Students: Mariam Aboulenin, Lixiong Chen

University of Essex (2015–2016)

  • Postgraduate teaching (course designer and lecturer): Postgraduate Research Practice Series (Focus Group, Qualitative Interview and Observational Research, and Quantity in Qualitative Research)

University of Cambridge (2011–2015)

  • Postgraduate teaching (course designer and lecturer): Postgraduate Research Training Series (Research Design, Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis)
  • Postgraduate teaching (teaching assistant): Panel Data Analysis Using Stata
  • Undergraduate supervision (academic supervisor): Global Social Analysis, Class and Work, Gender, Equality and the Family, Race, Ethnicity and Racism, Inquiry and Analysis, Statistical Methods