Yang HuYang Hu (胡扬) is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research and the Data Science Institute at Lancaster. Yang co-convenes the Lancaster Asia Asia Research Group (LAARG), and the international network on Transnational Family Justice (TFJN).

He obtained his MPhil and Ph.D in Sociology as a Gates Scholar from the University of Cambridge (Queens’ College), and his B.A. from Zhejiang University, China.

Yang has previously taught and supervised students in social sciences at the University of Cambridge and the University of Essex. He has also worked as an interpreter for organisations such as the UNDP.

He is author of the book Chinese-British Intermarriage—Disentangling Gender and Ethnicity, and the Chinese preface to Ian McEwan’s novel Enduring Love. His research has appeared in Journal of Marriage and Family, Environment and Planning A, Journal of Sex Research, Demographic Research, Journal of Family Issues, British Journal of Sociology of Education and so on. His social commentaries have been published in major media outlets, such as the United Press, Time Magazine, Quartz, Xinhua News, 163.com, etc..

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